The Throat Chakra Initiation

Reconnect To Your Truth, Awaken your Creative Expression, and 
Let's Influence The World #NoMoreHiding 
What is your Throat Chakra and Why Does it Matter?
Your Ability to Communicate Determines Your Results in Life.
The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra and it is the first of the higher or spiritual chakras on the "chakra ladder". This chakra is located in the region of neck and shoulders and its color is blue.  

The gift of this chakra is accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice and speaking your truth.

Why is Honest, Powerful Communication So Challenging?
Now, more than ever, we live in a world ruled by communication.  The people who share, who captivate, who entertain, can call in the friendships, resources, and success they desire. 

We all know that it's important to be a good communicator - but the question to ask is... Sharing the truth is uncomfortable. You may be afraid that the truth may not be what others want to hear. You may fear that the truth may cause others to judge you.

But until you transcend your fear of judgement... Until you powerfully own the stage of your life.... Until you start speaking what you want to experience into existence... You are going to stay stuck where you are.

Do you have these signs of a blocked Throat chakra?
  • Are you shy to share yourself on social media?
  • Do you feel, deep down, like people don't know who you really are?
  • ​Do you rarely follow-through on your creative ideas?
  • ​Are you nervous to speak in front of groups?
  • ​Do you feel like you aren't much of a storyteller?
If you answered "Yes" to these questions...
It's a big sign that it's time for your 
Throat Chakra Initiation.

How Do You Actually Develop Your Throat Chakra?
After developing the Chakra Activation method over 10 years, and helping over 100,000 people awaken the power of their energy body, here's the key.
To Develop any Chakra - There are 3 Basic Steps
My Story Of Root Chakra Awakening
Just 4 years ago, I was running mentorship programs for teens, healing hundreds of people, and being of massive service in the world. 

There was just a couple key problems

I was broke and exhausted.
Step 1 : Learn the Wisdom Of the Chakra
Each chakra represents it's own body of wisdom teachings that allow you to unlock it's powers. Learning the principles behind that chakra's healthy operation is the MANDATORY first step.
Step 2 : Adopt the Belief Systems of the Chakra
It's one thing to know, and another thing to believe. Once you have studied the wisdom principles, then you need to embrace them through daily affirmation and reflection exercises, to reprogram your subconscious mind for a new experience of life.

Step 3 : Implement the Habits of the Chakra
The final step is actually engage in the specific habits of the chakra you are developing. As you make daily changes to the way you live, you will experience an incredible shift in your life.
Looking For Guidance? Discover Our 4 Week Throat Chakra Initiation. 
ready to heal your Throat Chakra? Let Us Support You As You Start Your Journey...

There's a lot of misleading information on the internet today about chakra healing.  In fact, some of is downright harmful! I see people wasting months trying things like eating certain colored foods or listening to random youtube meditations....

...And months later they are still stuck in EXACTLY the same pattern!

After developing the Chakra Activation method over 10 years, and helping over 100,000 people awaken the power of their energy body, here's the key.

Embark on this 4 week journey with us to open up the voice center power within you - The Throat Chakra Initiation is an Opportunity to Massively Improve your ability to communicate & live in your truth...
Week 1 : Uncover Your Honest Truth
During Week 1, We are going to master the process of getting to know yourself, as if you were meeting yourself for the first time.

I'm going to have you journaling every single day on the most important questions we can ask ourselves. 
Research has now proven that those who engage in self reflective writing like this become happier, more whole, and more successful.

In fact, going on a journey to uncover what you really believe, what pain from the past you are still processing, and what vision you really have for your life alone is going to be transformational.

Week 2 : Communication Style Upgrade
In Week 2, We are going analyze the way you communicate in person, over text, and over email...and we are going to make some big changes.

Most people have bad communication habits that can be easily improved - and it's often as simple as adding a couple words that change the way people receive your messages.

During week 2, we will also learn and apply 'quantum manifesting', a technique to use the power of your words to actually create what you want in your life. I've personally been using this technique for the last two years to GREAT success.
Week 3 : Own the Stage Of Your Life
In Week 3, You are going to fully embrace your creativity. Day by day, I'm going to guide you on becoming a better storyteller in person AND online.

I will guide you through learning to confidently share yourself with your audience - even if it's just your friends and family.You can look  with friends, and becoming a 'mini influencer' of your local community.
Week 4 : Influence, Persuation, and the Sacred Art of Sales
In Week 4, you will learn a skill that will be invaluable to you for the rest of your life - Enrollment. Enrollment is the art of getting others to commit to their greatest vision. 

Enrollment is like sales - with more heart, deeper power, and greater authenticity. And in case you think you don't really need to learn about sales - think again.

You are selling everyday of your life. Selling your ideas, selling your view of reality, selling where you want to go for dinner. So when you learn enrollment you can finally 

And - as you will learn, life is an enrollment game.
Until I started powerfully communicating my truth 5 years ago, I was stuck in my life.
...I was working a job in LA that no longer was fulfilling, living in a city I hated, and I certainly wasn't fulfilling my purpose. 

It wasn't until I started sharing my 'honest to god' truth, and stopped giving a damn what anyone thought - that everything started to change.

I got out my crappy video camera, and I pressed record. I recorded 10 videos about chakras...And even though I looked at myself and knew I could do so much better....

I didn't wait to be perfect. I pressed publish, and I shared my first course online. Now with my unique, irreverent style of teaching that I was sure was going to get me in trouble or make people criticize me. 

The opposite happened. People loved it.

You see everywhere on earth right now, people are calling out for people to just TELL IT LIKE IT IS. The world cares more about authenticity, honesty, and truth than it does perfection.

That's why I designed and tested this journey for EVERYONE who feels stuck with their communication...

I am going to show you the keys to get in touch with your own truth through the most powerful journaling and writing practice you have ever done... I am going to inspire you to shamelessly begin sharing your truth with the world through multiple formats....

I'm inviting you to wield the power of your words and intentions like never before... To learn the sacred art of sales (That's right, selling is a sacred honor) so you can enroll others into new possibilities.

And trust me, When you start owning the power of your communication it feels like some kind of magic.

What You Get in Your Initiation
Video Training Delivered to your Phone Daily That Inspires, Entertains, and Delivers the Truth
Our ChakraSchool App sends you the exact information and exercises you need to do to complete your Throat Chakra Initiation. It works on iPhone, Android, and Desktop - so you can take it everywhere you are.
Weekly Action Guides that Keep You on Track
Each week, there are a few key actions you need to take to ensure you fully claim your power and step up your courage. These will all be given to you in simple Action Guides you can print out and post on your wall - making this an immersive experience.
Delivered Right to Your Smart Phone or Computer
Our ChakraSchool App sends you the exact information and exercises you need to do to complete your Throat Chakra Initiation. It works on iPhone, Android, and Desktop - so you can take it everywhere you are.
Yes, This Initiation Is Fun
It's clear that when we play games, we perform better. That's why I've taken the time to deliver this experience on a gamified platform that gives you points for completing your assignments, and motivates you to bring out your best.
It Won't Take Long to Transform Your Life
I know how busy life can be. That's why this initiations has been designed to be completed in less than 25 minutes a day average time commitment.
Here's Just Some of What You'll Discover Inside
  • Finally stop stuffing your truth to accommodate others' feeling. 
  • Learn the research back journal prompts that help people to get unstuck in life and learn what they truly want.
  • Conduct a 'texting review' and have a good look at how your communication shows up to other people.
  • Learn to embrace being a storyteller on social media - starting simply with your friends and family, and have them thank you for sharing yourself more. 
  • Learn the sacred art of enrollment, and become comfortable influencing others to make changes in their lives.
  • Practice the daily voice exercises and activations that stimulate your throat chakra and get you ready to be an influencer. 
  • ​Start engaging more frequently with strangers and enjoying the process of developing influence with them.
You Have Nothing To Lose
As with all courses at ChakraSchool, I offer a 60-day money back guarantee, as you join a community committed to empowerment, love, and changing the world.
Begin the Journey
Enroll in this initiation
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Frequently Asked Questions...
Will I Have Lifetime Access To This Course?
Absolutely. You can do this initiation when you are 75 (and it will still be amazing for you then ;)
When Does the Course Begin?
Anytime you are ready!
Will I be able to access the course on my smartphone and desktop?
Yes, no matter whether you use Android or iPhone, Mac or PC, this initiation has been optimized to work on ALL platforms.
What if I have questions?
I am 100% committed to you having the breakthrough you are signing up for. Post in the private community OR email me at directly and we will respond within 24 hours.
If you don't join me for Throat Chakra Initiation now, you could...
  • Continue to Rely on meditations, crystals and other 'feel good' methods that don't actually solve the root issues blocking your Throat Chakra.
  • Signup for endless talk therapy sessions and slowly drain your bank account while still not solving the problem.
  • Read self-help books that don't help you build the real world habits needed to actually awaken your courage and discipline.

If that sounds frustrating...I invite you to take a stand for yourself - and let me guide on you on a life-changing journey.

I spent 10 years designing this Initiation to be the most efficient, practical way to transform this area of your life, period. 
So, when will you finally stop...
  • Holding back at the dinner table when you could be sharing your deeper truth.
  • Keeping your mouth shut during work meetings when you know you can contribute more.
  • Avoiding committing to your creativity and watching the years tick by.
  • ​Suppressing your deeper truth that might change the course of your life if you honored it.
Begin the Journey
Enroll in this Initiation
  • Lifetime Access to the Throat Chakra Initiation
  • Email Support from James and Chakra.School
  • Access to the ChakraSchool Members Facebook Group
It's Finally Time to Put Yourself First.
Do you feel like:
  • You are giving too much to others and end up with little for yourself?
  • You are constantly saying YES to things and later regretting it?
  • You are disappointed by your inability to stay disciplined and hit your goals?
  • ​You feel sluggish and tired throughout the day?
  • ​You feel constantly worried about money?
If you answered "YES"...
You are in need of a Root Chakra Initiation - that primal chakra which empowers you to thrive in the physical world.
This course is a masterpiece of 5 years of research and application into how humans can tap into their power and overcome laziness, lethargy, and fear.
The Undeniable Truths of the Root Chakra
#1 : Before You Can Support the World, You Have to Support Yourself
The Root Chakra is the foundation for your life. It is your ability to feel safe, to work hard, and to ensure that you have a beautiful future.
Before you can give your greatest gifts to the world - you have to make sure your basic needs are met - physically AND psychologically.
#2 : If You are too Nice - You Will Struggle
No matter what anyone says - Everyone is looking out for themselves first. That's how nature created us - and why the Root Chakra is the first chakra.
That's also why it's up to you to say no to bingo with your Aunt Netta tonight - you've got moves to make.
#3 : You Are Responsible for Your Results In Life
Growing up, we all rely on our parents to meet our needs. But as we mature, many of us never fully activate the power of the root chakra . Without a strong root chakra, we may go through life:
  • Relying on others to meet our basic financial needs
  • Blaming others for our present life situation
  • Sacrificing our needs to make others happy
  • ​Hoping for God/The Universe to solve our problems rather than take personal responsibility and massive action
Welcome to Your Root Chakra Initiation
AKA your "Ass-Kicking Chakra"
Let's Unleash Your Power.
You have a warrior inside you.
A "no-excuses" "make shit happen" badass - that has been waiting for you to set it free.
This is a 4 week journey to unleash that primal root chakra power within you - and put you on the path to more income, more self respect, and more success in every area of life. 
Here's How it Works.
It's not about trying harder.

It's not about moving faster.

It's about slowing down enough to awaken the one power that opens all doors - your own mind.

“The purification of the mind is very necessary. ”

-Sri S. Satchidananda

"Control of thought waves in the mind is yoga." 


"Liberty is about the right to question everything."

-Ai Weiwei

"I promise to educate myself so I can make my own judgements."

-Carl Sagan

“By embracing your subconscious, you gain a different way of seeing and experiencing—an expanded perception that opens a doorway, not only to lucid dreams, but also to the mythic dimension."

-Jenny Davidow

"Psychic Power is the Ability to Download Information Directly from the Universe."

-Tana Hoy

This Initiation is unique.

It's about doing less, and being still more.

It's about realizing that until you master your inner world - the outer world will continue to frustrate you.

Until you seek and accept the truth, you will continue to repeat the same patterns in life.

And until you uncover your true nature - all else is futile.

Ready to Breakthrough?
Start your Root Chakra Initiation Right Now
This Course is Perfect For You If...
  • You have a burning desire to START WINNING in every area of life.
  • You are finished making excuses as to why your body, income, and overall confidence is not where you want it to be.
  • You have been TOO NICE for TOO LONG, and are ready to take back your power
  • ​You must be ready to commit 100% to your success even when it FEELS UNCOMFORTABLE.
What You Will Receive:
Now you can take the Root Chakra Initiation - and stop being pushed around by life. This course will give you:
  • Step by Step Action Guides to put you in command of your body, productivity, and finances
  • The deep insights into overcoming 'victim mindsets' that hold us back at subconscious levels
  • Simple Ways you can instantly start improving your performance in any area of life
  • The knowledge and support to cut out negative influences from your life - and NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT
  • ​3 Hours of HD Content Designed to make you the most powerful version of yourself in 4 Weeks
Join Thousands of Happy Root Chakra Initiates
This Course Has An Average Review of 4.8 Stars / 5 for a damn good reason. It works if you do.
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